There may be many reasons which causes communal violence, mostly due to political interest, but sometimes politicians itself are influenced by another root-reason or sometimes they use at least this reason to cause such violence. This root-reason is imbalance of treatment to majority and minority. This division can be of any sort, based on religion, classes, ideologies, etc. Here one can introduce another division, take notice, which is no way a social division, but it is of being conservative and liberal. Well, they can be found in majority as well as in minority.

Now the point of this text is concession or special social benefits given to minority. Well, conservatives and liberal in minority will definitely applaud these benefits, but it isn’t a case in majority. There only liberal will be happy with it, but not necessarily the conservatives. Since I’m saying here that liberals from both side are ok with this setup, but not the conservatives of one side, that means it is classic problem of failure of secularism. Now that majority conservatives are more in number than minority conservatives, that means they are ready for any kind of extreme action. And which sometimes result in bloodshed violence, unfortunately not verbal violence, which can be contained in any democratic context. I understand that motive behind giving benefits to minority is to let them integrate well in the society, but it can be the only reason which triggers anger in majority conservatives, which leads to communal violence. The examples I could cite is from India itself, with violence between Hindu-Muslim, even higher castes-lower castes. I simply deny ‘the policy of secularism’. Being secular doesn’t mean necessarily being liberal, no way. In fact, secularism divides the society and mostly hurt are poor people.

In case of India, this policy created social imbalance and less productivity in social and economical output. I simply oppose different civil code available in India for different religions and castes, there should be uniform civil code contemplating same civil sense among all people. The biggest mistake of secularism in India is to carry forward the british concept of naming all those people Hindu which does not practice Muslim, Christian, and all other recognized practices, which are often characterized from ‘the concept of sects’. Since Hindu hasn’t been any religion as such and never will be, since it is just bunch of all sects which practices in their own way in indian subcontinent. Hindu was regarded as a person who lives in India, but now it has been modified according to pseudo-concept of dividing society on religious basis and looking to all of them from their own accepted perspectives. This concept is from western world, which won’t work well in India, as said by Mark Tully, a famous BBC Reporter. In India, people have been living harmoniously without such division, why was there need to implement it? Just to show others that we are liberal, but the fact is being secular doesn’t mean being liberal.

Well, the same argument can be stated if it is other way, i.e. to give more benefits to majority. In this case, majority conservatives shows their power by suppressing the minority, which we see in some african countries. But here I’m talking about democratic institutions where it is happening. Since there are more liberalism going on in European countries, we don’t see such violence when the authorities are giving more benefits to the minority. Since there the secularism works. But the question why it is happening in world’s largest democracy, in India? Maybe there are many majority conservatives than majority liberals, or maybe majority conservatives are more powerful. But after all it is the fact that more benefits to minority creates angers in majority. Apart from India, history shows: how it was in Nazi Germany where minorities (Jews) had more benefits or to say precisely, that minority was having more comfort than majority, at least majority conservatives thought that way. Same is true in India.
So, my final word is to retain stability in democratic institutions, please don’t hurt the majority!