Depending where or in which family someone is born, he is definitely proud of its culture, and of course, civilization related to that culture. Of course, why shouldn’t anyone be? And anything happens which promotes goodness of this culture makes him walk a inch higher over the ground. If looked closely, it is true in such places where nationalism or patriotism hailed high. Where it could be found? In those places where people are struggling to appear in international arena, where that country or community is trying to be more powerful, or where people have longer history than other presently high profile countries. This explains some way present development of nationalism in USA, China and India, among more influential.

It is interesting to see decline and opposition of nationalism in european countries, although some efforts by french government made for France, no such proudness of own culture can be found. It seems that USA has become representative of western civilization, not Europe which is real representative. With faster developing economies, huge population and really oldest preserved history in account, India and China are representing asian culture, which overshadows the yet economically powerful Japan. Although having shared cultures, ideas and developments for centuries, unfortunately dues to late colonization of european kingdoms in Asia, it has changed geopolitical makeup in Asia, where each nation sees others as threat to sovereignty. And it is here, where nationalism is propelling misunderstanding in communication.

Well, it can be thought that more prosperous and less hostile a nation, less nationalist its people would be, but USA isn’t exception as such, it is a example that it wouldn’t be possible that way. A country where media has become a profit-making business than educators of the society, it won’t be a surprise to see nationalism as big business too.

But this nationalism is some way also a cause for ignorance of other civilization. It can be understood that in India people are less educated about other civilizations, due to low literacy rate and still the same mindset preserved from British India times and in China, the same thing due to complete control of government over communication (meant not bad, if considered with USA, but limited access to knowledge of outside world). But this ignorance causes accepting any good from other civilization. For example, in India one can see reluctance to accept the fact that other civilization was developed parallel to us with prosperity, hindering our own development using their idea. There is no point in sitting back praising age-old civilization and dreaming still for comfortable life. It can be seen that people in rural areas are mostly less educated and conservative. It is some way political matter. Any development of nation is possible through the development of rural areas, i.e. educating them exactly the same way as in urban area. After all everyone strives for material pleasure, which is easily accessible in Cities. Unfortunately it is seen that prosperity of nation lies in Cities and Cities defines the civilization. But in ancient India, each village was self-sufficient and it had more autonomy, but now problems of rural areas are solved by the people living in big cities, how can they make rural areas vibrant? Civilization should be represented by whole nation not just by handful of cities. Otherwise most of the population which live in the rural areas will be left with their pride for their own civilization and ignorance of other civilization.

As shown months ago in German media that most of the people don’t know more than where nearby railway station is located, how can they understand the problems and benefit of harmony of other civilization? Nationalism is pure tool to unite whole nation for one cause. Fortunately, in developing countries it is used for development, but unfortunately, also to prove the darwinism, the survival of the strongest. Who knows, but coming years will see real clash of civilization, after whole earth is globalized enough.

I’d say, it doesn’t matter if you are nationalist or patriot, but just don’t ignore other civilization!