I came across nice article, discussing why eastern advertisements don’t find their credit in western advertisements competitions. The author writes about the mindset of people in eastern and western parts of the world. But what I liked the most is his extract from the book “The Geography of Thoughts” by Richard Nisbett.

He quotes:

The Westerner, driven by Aristotle’s thinking, believes the world “is a line”, is unchanging, so is controllable, and hence can be defined by rules and systems.

He believes in absolute truths — blacks and whites — in the power of the individual and his capacity to influence the environment. He is typically “object-focused”, thinks sequentially, and believes in the concept of debate because finally logic will prevail. By mindset, he is inclined to scientific theory and investigation. For the Westerner, “life is a problem to be solved”.

By contrast, the Easterner is influenced by Confucian thinking. He believes the world “is a circle”, is constantly changing, so is not controllable and hence the challenge is how to manage life within it. He believes there is no absolute truth and is constantly trying to find a path to the truth.

For him, the collective is more important than the individual and it’s important to exercise self-control so as to minimise friction within the group to maintain harmony. He is typically “relationship-focused” rather than object-focused, thinks “circularly” and believes in the concept of discussion, from which emerges a harmonious solution acceptable to all. By mindset, he is more inclined to the arts. For the Easterner, “life is mystery to be unraveled”.

Full article can be found here.