There has been some news of counterfeiting coming out of China. But the cause of worry is that this is the country named as factory of the world. Although it may seem a small portion of the whole production, can be easily thought of anywhere else, but recently there has been cases of counterfeiting in food and medicine, easily leading to mass death. It is coming from the country which doesn’t have good record on regulations and laws in free market. Already hundreds of people died of deadly ingredients in Panama, originating in China (IHT News). Now the latest victims are pets in USA. One can imagine, news of hundreds of humans dying in Panama can’t be sensational like the hundreds of pets dying in USA. Just the power and exposure of media, although looks unidirectional here, could have been great help, if the chinese population could know of this situation, where even such media is censored. In India, where more than 30 News channels operate at same time, reported on pesticides in Cola bottles, which created furore in the country, here one can see the power of free media and independent law, in fact democracy, which forced the companies undo their misdoings. China may face radical problem, if it really isn’t serious of counterfeiting, which could be tolerated in fake goods, which hurts profit margins of some company, but not in cases of foods and drugs, where the cost is human life. The whole story can be found on here.

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