About 60 years after second world war, it looks silly to think that Germany and Japan can be global threat. I’d personally support to deviate somewhat from their pacifist constitution created under the shadow of post-war situation to make it more consent to the present situation. Germany is not facing any direct threat, but Japan does. The geopolitics in Asia is the complex as it can get. The endeavour of present japanese government to change pacifist japanese constitution, is not only debated internationally with famous western black-or-white perception, but also seen the same way in modern japanese generation. Essence of patriotism is lost in well-to-do generation of both countries, but it is still burning in the generations those of India and China, and other developing countries, which faced harsh realities of colonialism, as well those of USA, where passion for nationalism is kept alive, indulging the nation in continuous blasphemy with idea of nonsense war. Germany and Japan cannot afford to stay pair of shoes of the USA forever. Both are great nations and they have offered more to the world than holocaust and m(s)ad-imperialism. Japan should realign itself in present complex geopolitical equation. If the nation cannot unite for such change in constitution, I fear it may lead to schizophrenia of selective radical fascism which will haunt the society, economy, in fact, the whole state of affair. The news about japanese referendum can be found here.

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