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The recent surge observed in indian stock market, notably in Bombay Stock Exchange, it created many billionaires and millionaires. In few just few weeks, India had one more indian in top-5 richest person in the world. Now there is a fear of yet another acquisition of non-indian company from indian conglomerate, but as seen in the past, these acquisitions are made with more business sense.

As written in the recent article in NYT

Acquisitions are also being planned — but not necessarily to acquire customers or clients, as they would be in developed economies, Ms. Kochhar said. Instead, companies are looking at buying suppliers (for example, a power producer would acquire coal mines) or distribution networks. Dozens of such deals are in the works, Ms. Kochhar said.

At the same time the acquisition of an indian company by non-indian one seems far reality. The article continues

Still, the mood in India is bullish. “There aren’t too many large acquisitions you can make within India, because there are no willing sellers,” Mr. Iyer said. Instead, “everyone wants to grow.”

The full article can be found here.