Mac marketshare explodes, hits 21 per cent in US – Mac – Macworld UK

Apple is slowly becoming a giant. Read on:
Mac marketshare explodes, hits 21 per cent in US Apple holds 10 per cent of global consumer computer market and 21 per cent in US

Apple continues to gain ground in the consumer markets, as the iPod halo continues to shine and iPhone attracts users to the brand.

The latest indicators that Mac marketshare is rising rapidly confirm a move in the consumer electronics market away from former incumbents and toward Apple, as the company continues to reap the benefits of investing its way through the last economic downturn.

Piper Jaffray’s chief Apple analyst, Gene Munster, believes Apple now holds 21 per cent of the consumer market, and will extend its reach in that market in future.

The general perception is that Mac is expensive, well:

The analyst also notes that consumers think that Macs are around 20-30 per cent more expensive than competing computers, but that the price difference is actually 16 per cent for desktops and 9 per cent for laptops.

So you wanted always one, then go get a mac! 🙂