If one creates a cause and gathers pretty much bunch of intellectuals, it is easy that such a cause can get promoted. There is a application related to the cause of “Cause”. This is pretty much longer process, but eventually it succeeds and leaves one wondering whether it was fundamentally a good cause or not. The latest example of it is biofuel.

Let’s briefly look at the other examples first. The climate change. It was mooted few decades ago by some scientist, how the greenhouse effect is important to any planet, and in one of our nearest planet, Venus, it is remarkably visible (it has the densest atmosphere in terrestrial planet, consisting of carbon dioxide). The evolution of the cause created IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change), which had become very engaging international political body, which in fact, promotes this cause. Although there had been some attempts to call this cause a “swindle”, it has remained firm and accumulated huge number of intellectual followers, which resulted in many conferences, petitions, resolutions, making this cause a industry in itself. The other example is not of very economical benefit, but pretty important in the field of natural science, which is of “Dark Energy”. The so-to-be portmanteau word has created sensation. It was even used widely in the media, so this way, it secured great followers and direct funding, which is pretty rare case in natural sciences. And all the new cosmological models explaining the evolution of the universe are based on that. Although the validity of its being is a big question in cosmology, but it is anticipated by very few intellectuals, since this concept (cause) had created many great followers. In the end, dark energy is the substitute for something missing in the equations derived from very unrealistic suppositions. But it still has many intellectual followers and more than a billion dollars are already invested for the project related to this cause.

But now I’d like to come back to biofuels. Many knows that the biofuel is one of the prime reasons for surge in food prices all around the world, but this cause had already established itself and created many followers. Lot of conferences are taking place on this subject, money is poured into new research, scientists are working on standardizing which plants can be classified as biofuel compatible. Well, all in all, the world has once again managed to create many intellectual followers, without testing it on fundamental ground. Biofuel may be one of the best solutions, although being a prime reason for food price rise, one should be careful of these intellectual followers, who in the end becomes intellectual promoters (marketing personnel?!) of the “cause” of their “divine interest”.

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