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Now I’m afraid of trying any new Google product, since it may get scraped. Last few weeks we have seen news of change in strategy affecting many services, even to their demise, like no uploading to Google Video, absolute discontinuation of Google Notebook, Mashup Editor, Dodgeball and no made-by-google development of Jaiku.

Jaiku is released as open source project under Apache licence. Jaiku engine is ported to new Google App Engine and, in fact, Google App Engine was a further development of Mashup Editor.

The whole operation looks like a restructuring of Google’s online presence, keeping in mind the hard times coming up due to global slowdown. I think we won’t hear any mega nor under-the-lip takeover deal from Google in the near future. Honestly, even during those glory days, Google as whole didn’t seem that serious about developing those products.

After taking over Jaiku in 2007, it was kept in closed beta (still it was so before this news) and hardly any user witnessed big development, although there were many expectations. Jaiku was serious competitor to Twitter, but, albeit many interesting features, being so closed, like closed chinese economy in 15th century, hardly anyone learned of its richness and it became “unpopular”. Story ain’t different in case of other hurt products. I think dreams of all those newbie entrepreneurs to be a part of Google shall fill the heat and they shall wish those dreams never come true. I am glad there are many entrepreneurs out there, who shall not allow information technology sector to be a part of incumbency capitalism.

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