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In an interview by Jesko von Oeynhausen, product manager of Leica-M series, gave a great answer related to nomenclature, very true to Leica’s tradition

Can you explain the nomenclature change, from M8, M9 to ‘M’?

We don’t want to give our customers the feeling that when the M10 comes out, for instance, that the M9 is suddenly the ‘old’ model and they have to buy the new one because the old one isn’t good enough anymore. We decided that the continuous numbering concept is not the right thing for us in the long term. The Porsche 911 for instance has always been the Porsche 911. The Leica M is a timeless product, and this is what the naming should express.

Sadly this product design policy is not employed in other products, which have become just use-and-throw, nothing else. I’m glad to hear that Leica continues with its tradition.

Read the full interview here: Photokina 2012 – Interview: Jesko von Oeynhausen of Leica: Digital Photography Review.