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Any attraction to the dark personality as Hitler‘s, it is really hard to comprehend. It is also hard to imagine, how he could hijack the whole nation, almost as if hypnotizing each citizens. Well, there are many ingredients, which paved path to tragic disaster as Second World War. Yet it was his charisma and economic reality which led to put him as a Führer of great nation, thereby contaminating its culture to see the whole mankind as its sole enemy.

This history matters to us today. Not because history offers “lessons” – how can it since the past can never repeat itself exactly? But because history can contain warnings.

In an economic crisis millions of people suddenly decided to turn to an unconventional leader they thought had “charisma” because he connected with their fears, hopes and latent desire to blame others for their predicament. And the end result was disastrous for tens of millions of people.

Read this thoughtful article by Laurence Rees: BBC News – Viewpoint: His dark charisma.