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English: Marie Curie Česky: Maria Skłodowska-C...

English: Marie Curie Česky: Maria Skłodowska-Curie Deutsch: Marie Curie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The sex scandal has been making news these days with top officials from CIA and US military giving up their occupations on account of this. Though the extent of these consequences are lethal to US national interest, sex scandals are still considered scandals in this modern liberal era. Just imagine how worst it had been, roughly hundred years ago, when woman is the protagonist involved in such scandal. It was famous polish-born scientists, Marie Curie, who took pinch of this pain. It was not an easy life to be a female scientist and the first one to receive two Nobel prizes in quasi male-dominated society. Read the whole story below, if you are curious what was that sex scandal about and how it ended up into the Duel, a popular sport (also had been a discipline in Olympic games) in those times.

Source: Marie Curie’s Sex Scandal and the Duel It Inspired – Mental Floss.